Lupus Vision

What is Lupus Vision? Lupus Vision is the term that I now use to describe how I now see the world around me.

Let me explain. I had not done any photography for almost three years starting towards the end of 2010. The reason was, that I was plagued with various medical conditions and those three years were spent going to several doctors to figure out the origin of my symptoms.

Well my doctor's finally came up with a diagnosis which is Low Grade Lupus. Lupus is a very strange and complicated disease. Every Lupus patient has a different set of symptoms and complications.

For me, the main symptoms that cause what I call Lupus Vision, are detachment, memory problems, confusion and soft vision. Detachment is like having six beers without the buzz. I feel like I am not quite in touch with my surroundings. Memory problems cause me to forget various things in strange and non-sensical patterns. Confusion causes me at times to completely loose touch with the world around me.

Take these problems with a somewhat softer vision and you have what I call Lupus Vision.

I found out in December 2013 that I was diagnosed with White Matter Ischemic Disease which will gradually add to my confusion, memory and detachment symptoms with the end game being dementia. I am also experiencing hearing problems, primarily deteriorating word recognition. I am loosing touch with my surroundings.

I am also in pain 24/7 in my back and hips caused by Lupus and the surgeries on my hands in the first part of 2013. All of this makes up my new world.

You will notice that my images have the main subject sharp and clear while everything that surrounds the main subject is soft and has a slight glow. That is how I see on a daily basis and I have created a process that I call "Lupus Vision" that I apply to all my images in which I present my view of the world around me with the extra elements brought on by my medical issues.

In all my galleries, I attempt to share with you my vision of what surrounds me and bring you into my space. Every image is created to reduce the noise of everyday life, hopefully to help you see the beauty of items that we see every day without really noticing them.

I invite you to join me in my new world, which looks very different from what it looked like before.

Thank You


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Sign of the Times - Blank Sign

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